Meme trilogy

/lit/'s "meme trilogy".

/lit/ has several memes, most of which are pure cancer used in lieu of valuable commentary, or even intelligent humor, both of which the board is almost entirely devoid of. These memes have become so seamlessly integrated into the culture of the board that it is often difficult to differentiate between a meme and a sincere statement. Posts that are memes as opposed to sincere are difficult to identify, since they are both characterized by redundancy, incorrectness,

Teh Riddler, The Goofus, and The Sperg

poor taste, and a total lack of relevance.

List of memesEdit

Current Edit

Former Edit


Certain recurring topics on /lit/ appear to be memes, but are in fact simply brought up repeatedly by idiots who belong on other boards. They include:

  • Chalres Bukowski
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • Claiming that Ayn Rand is good
  • Reasserting that Ayn Rand is bad
  • Autism theories
  • Genre fiction

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